Telehealth care provides amazing support to much needed mental health care services!

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Telehealth care will provide services to Australians where they previously were out of reach!

How can we not be excited?! We now have flexible and high quality support available to busy metro / city areas and the beautiful isolated towns of our far reaching country.

What is Telehealth care?

Telehealth is your personal telephone and video connection with registered Psychologist’s and other specialist health practitioners.  Telehealth and its benefits sit close to home for me… I grew-up in a shire of just over 11 thousand people in Far North Queensland. My remaining family in this isolated area can now use Medicare subsidised Mental Health Plan sessions to access Psychology / Mental Health services that were previously out reach.

Benefits of Telehealth for mental health care services

I may live in Melbourne now, but with telehealth care I can provide Psychology or Performance Coaching to anyone, anywhere in the country. Imagine…

  • A busy metro executive might squeeze in a lunch-time wellbeing session with their Psychologically trained Coach,
  • An isolated mum might speak to a Psychologist during their baby’s nap time,
  • A farmer might call at 7pm after the busy daylight hours have passed.

The possibilities are endless!  When you have barriers like peak hour traffic or geographical isolation, tele-health is an amazingly flexible resource.  Wellbeing is important to all Australian’s. We all want our children, parents and loved ones to gain high quality mental health support. Telehealth is a solution to this.  Please note, a GP referral and Video format sessions are required to obtain the Medicare subsidies for a Psychologist. However, you may opt for the anonymous option of full-fee telephone sessions for Coaching or Psychology/Counselling outside of your GP.


It can be confronting to seek support for issues such a depression, anxiety, relationship struggles, grief and loss or adjusting to life changes / challenges.  Sometimes it is easier to just have a trusting and well-trained person on the other end of a faceless telephone call. Whatever works and leads you or loved ones to improved heath right?

How to access telehealth care

Feel free to visit my website to learn about me and my passion for providing wellbeing and mental health services and education.  I have many years’ experience in Melbourne Community Health and Public Health systems. But I offer the unique understanding of BOTH a rushed city life and the isolation of rural living.  I have extensive training in BOTH Coaching / Positive Psychology for cultivating wellbeing and in Psychology for Mental Health assistance. I have Master degrees in both Coaching and Psychology and I am Medicare registered for access under a Mental Health Plan.

Oh! Join my Facebook Page for access to research and quality reading on Wellbeing topics and Mental Health issues. Nothing is quite as calming as being connected with positive, like-minded people.

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