A life without problems isn’t necessarily a happy one.

Positive Psychology

provides unique education on how to move your life towards wellbeing and a peak state of flourishing.


Are our services a good fit for you?

Do you cope in unhelpful ways like: spending more money then you’d like, over-eating unhelpful foods or using alchohol and drugs a little too much?

Can you experience a sense of joy daily?

Do you criticize yourself? Experience hoplessness & pessimism?

Do you over-commit yourself, or find it hard to say no?

Do you get overwhelmed by decisions?

Do you say things to family or friends that you are unhappy with or regret?

Is it safer to stay the same (Even if unhappy)?

Are your friends and family not interested in your dreams?

Do you know your strengths and talents? Do you use those strengths everyday?

Have you experienced a recent or past event that seemed traumatic to you?

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Consulting & Coaching Psychology Services

Evidence based counselling and coaching practice approaches are used in a tailored approach for personal needs and goals.

Work collaboratively and confidentially with a Psychologist:

-via video conferencing for a convenient time and location (great for rural or busy people!)

Online services shown outcomes equivalent to those of face to face sessions [1] [2].


Individual Counselling & Coaching Psychology Services

+ Offered one-on-one via video conferencing or in person for 50 minutes

+ Assessment of needs/goals (Some sessions may be eligible for Medicare rebates via a GP referred Mental Health Plan.  Rebate: $86+ per session, up to 10 sessions.

+ Possible extra COVID 10+ sessions under Medicare

Intensive Coaching Psychology Package

For those interested in deeper growth and movement to a desired future self

+ Six individual sessions (video conference or in office)
+ Assessment of needs/goals
+ Individual & intensive work with a qualified Psychologist
+ Support to set goals and work through barriers that are unique to you

“The unexamined life is not worth living”

(Plato, Apology, 38A).


Interested in our services or have a few questions?

Book a free 20 minute mini chat if you’d like to know more or book in a session!

If you’re not ready for individual service, education is useful to build insight, knowledge and skills for how to enhance wellbeing [3] [4] [5]. And our education is a great way to gain a feel for our services or if our approach will work for you


Psychology offers techniques to transform languishing into flourishing. The PERMA-V theory advocates creating a flourishing life where we work towards experiencing [6]:

Positive emotions – identifying, cultivating and enhancing positive emotions such as joy, hope & zest.

Engagement in our world to energize us – identifying and undertaking activities that absorb and stretch-us, this often leads to experiencing ‘flow’.

Relationships that are highly satisfying – enhancing interpersonal connections with others, being part of a social group and to feel accepted.

Meaningfulness in what we do – identifying purpose and aligning our values with activities in our life: at home, at work & in the community etc.

Achievement and valued outcomes – strategies to identify and set the correct type of goals – is it a learning goal or a performance goal? Experiencing striving and accomplishment is important to build self-confidence and experience pride.

Vitality – our sleep, eating and regular exercise impacts our wellbeing. Building and sustaining physical vitality is essential for resilience, this is our ability to bouce back from adversity and manage challenge.

Flourishing is what we aim for in our programs, so this is why we offer services with a Coaching Psychology framework and to meet you where you are at in your wellbeing journey.


[1] Marks, Kavanagh & Gega, 2007

[2] Barak, Boniel-Nissim & Shapira, 2008

[3] Lukens & McFarlane, 2004

[4] Shin & Lukens, 2002

[5] Song, Lui, Chen, & He, 2014

[6] Seligman, 2011

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