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telehealth care

I help people enhance their wellbeing with Counselling, Coaching and Online Education services.

I’m a Registered Psychologist and a University / Masters qualified Coaching Psychologist (Coach).

I provide programs, education & individual sessions from evidence based Psychology theory. I offer the unique perspective of Positive Psychology and evidence based trauma interventions that underpins Coaching & Wellbeing.

My services can be accessed:

Online for your convenience

Via video conferencing for ease of time and location

In person for those who prefer a Face-to-face experience


How will I know this service is for me?


Do niggling thoughts and feelings impact your mood and activities?

Do you cope in unhelpful ways like spending more money than you’d like, over-eating unhelpful foods or using alcohol and other drugs a little too much?

Do you say things to family or friends that you are unhappy with or regret?

Do your relationships feel empty or lack meaning?

Is there a big life event that has impacted you negatively?


Do you know your strengths and talents? Do you use those strengths everyday?

Do you have clear goals based on your values?

Do you get frustrated that you’re not functioning at 100%?

Are you the happiest you could be?

Is it safer to stay the same (even if unhappy)?


Disturbing dreams?

Experienced family violence, bullying, unwanted sexual advances, accidents, natural disasters, war?

Flashes / images of past disturbing events?

Loss of interest or low mood since a difficult event?

A nervous system that is stuck on alert?

Unhelpful thoughts about yourself, others and the world?

Body feeling unsafe?

Problems regulating emotional reactions?

If any of these questions stir powerful emotions in you, you may have low wellbeing? Or maybe you could be experiencing mood issues such as mild anxiety or depression?

Sometimes we have old unhelpful experiences that have created stuck points, unhelpful beliefs about self & others and nervous system patterns of physical & emotional responding that when understood and re-processed can be freeing! Trauma treatments are very useful for this. It’s a way of getting ‘unstuck’ so you can move forward more freely.

Positive Psychology can help transform languishing into flourishing. A flourishing life is where we experience positive emotions, full engagement in our world, highly satisfying personal relationships and a strong sense of meaning (PERMA-V)[1]. With the right techniques we can work towards reducing problems, but we can also work towards flourishing and wellbeing.

People are experts in their own lives and by using our combined skills and knowledge, we collaboratively help you reach your goals.

[1] Seligman, 2011


Want to reduce your problems and live a flourishing life?

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